Our world is diverse by nature. Every ecosystem needs different plants, animals and organisms to survive and flourish. It’s no different for us humans. Our strength lies in difference. In language, culture and faces. A power that makes life more colorful, progressive and inspiring. Maintaining this difference is a great task for all of us.

At Würth, we are a community of difference. A global company from Hohenlohe and at home in the world. Diversity is not created in a set of rules, but through encounters. When employees from different backgrounds come together, the wealth of ideas and understanding for the world grows. Different perspectives and talents working on common tasks with vibrant curiosity make leaps of thought possible. This is how we at Würth stay alive, innovative and fit for the future by looking around the corner.

As a family business, we always work for and with each other. We are close to each other. “Close. Closer. Würth!” This applies not only to our clientele, but also to the way we treat each other. Age, origin, gender identity, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation and religion are opportunities for us to understand a bit more of the world and to open ourselves up to other perspectives. Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth has placed faith in people in all their facets at the heart of our company. That is why arrogance has always had no place in our company.

We treat every person as we would like to be treated ourselves. At eye level and with appreciation. That is why our most important word to each other is: Thank you. Mutual understanding turns into solidarity. Because everyone can contribute their own experience and their own view of the world. This is how the future is created at Würth. This is how we unleash our full power. From diverse perspectives and a common will to create something. This is what we believe in.

This is how we promote diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion at Würth.

As part of our Diversity Initiative, we are committed to promoting an appreciative and prejudice-free working environment from a variety of perspectives. You can see what these are in concrete terms in the following overview.

Bringing generations – age groups together

We are a family business that thinks across generations. The exchange between young, eager to learn minds and experienced, alert employees makes the difference for us. Because we bring different age groups together. In the workplace and in our newly established Generations@Würth. Here, the exchange between experienced Würth employees and new employees is particularly encouraged. At Würth, appreciation begins with support for one another from day one and lasts a lifetime. We offer a wide range of opportunities to shape one’s own career, regardless of age. Because at Würth, every area is open to everyone. Our claim: We have the right job for every situation in life. For example, there are work models such as partial retirement for our employees who want to take a shorter break. It is also a matter of course at Würth to accompany and develop our young talents in management positions. This pays off. With years of loyalty from our employees.


Gender diversity – overcoming role models

There is no question that sales and the skilled trades are male domains. But we wouldn’t be Würth if we didn’t get things done. So let’s overcome role models and start with ourselves. Bettina Würth, Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Würth Group, is personally committed to initiatives for gender diversity and equal opportunities to ensure that it is not gender but one’s own creativity that makes the difference at Würth. The strengths of all genders are fully appreciated at our company and family life is not neglected. Through working time models such as part-time for our managers and employees in sales, we support the interplay between work and private life – for an inclusive working environment. We know that we can do more in many places. So, let’s do it.


LGBTQ+ & friends – working in color.

At our company, everyone can be who they are. That includes sexual orientation and gender identity. As a family-owned company, we rely on great cohesion in the workforce. Cohesion is created above all when prejudices are put aside. This means overcoming one’s own pigeonholing and meeting everyone without reservation. That’s how we work together and in a colorful way. Discrimination and any kind of homophobia have absolutely no place at Würth. We take a close look here. Contact persons are appointed, a safe space created and further measures taken for prevention and protection. With an LGBTQ+ network, we rely on personal encounters, the exchange and support of many and reduce prejudices. Because: for us, diversity is a sign of strength and courage.


Physical & Mental Abilities – Accessible Thinking

We believe in people in all their facets. We don’t just say that, we live it. If you value diversity, you have to think barrier-free. With us, every person finds a place in the company. Each individual has his or her own speed and resources. That’s why our goal is to create individually motivating workplaces. In this way, different abilities become joint strength. Breaking down barriers in the mind has always been part of our corporate culture. Carmen Würth has always been dedicated to ensuring that people with disabilities play an important role in our company and find a safe and supportive working environment. That is why our sponsorship commitment to the Special Olympics is very close to our hearts. And in our Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie, people with and without physical and mental disabilities work hand in hand. This creates understanding and solidarity. This is a matter of course for us.


Cultural diversity – gaining new perspectives

Würth was born in Hohenlohe and is at home all over the world. 61 nationalities work here with and for each other every day. This is how we constantly gain new perspectives. Diversity is a source of our wealth of ideas. We welcome people of all origins, nationalities, beliefs and world views. Especially those who are in need. That is why we opened an integration center together with the Hohenlohe district in 2015 and offer refugees the opportunity to learn German and find a job with us at our Akademie Würth. In addition, local projects are also close to our hearts. As part of social internships, our trainees are involved in peace services in Israel.

Cultural diversity and cosmopolitanism have counted since day one at Würth. Through his enthusiasm for art and culture, Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth represents the openness and vibrant curiosity of our company. Across Europe, museums that are open to the public free of charge, as well as musical events, ensure cultural exchange. For us, business and culture belong together.

Würth International AG
Aspermontstrasse 1, CH-7004 Chur
Kontakt: +41 81 558 00 00

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