7 April 2017 – 18 February 2018

With this exhibition, Forum Würth Chur offers an insight into the oeuvre of distinguished Grisons artist Robert Indermaur. The exhibition pays tribute to the life’s work
of Indermaur while also celebrating the artist’s 70th birthday. This representative show is the fifth exhibition at Forum Würth Chur featuring works from outside the Würth
Collection. At the same time Forum Würth Chur celebrates its 15 year anniversary.

A careful selection of works from the last 15 years is the focus of ”People’s Park· Extension”, the exhibition of works by the Grisons artist Robert Indermaur held at Forum Würth Chur. The most recent oeuvre of Indermaur is subtly complemented with important pieces of his earlier work, thus placing an emphasis on the artist’s consistent, independent Interpretation of figurative art in the last 40 years. Human existence in this day and age is critically
examined and the unique yet endangered human individuality is explored in a profound yet tongue-in-cheek fashion.

Spacious sculptural objects are presented in the temporary exhibition part of the sculptures park. Gates and passage ways formed by human beings can be passed and people on dizzying stilts, or poles and lights shaped as figures can be marveled at. The sculptural oeuvre in all its monumentality is made to be
enjoyed with all senses and, as a walk-through metaphor, allows to re-experience and re-evaluate situations in live as balancing acts, silver linings, viewpoints and transitional periods. Along with the exhibition, the book ”People’s Park· Extension” documenting works from 2001 to 2017 will be published at the opening of the exhibition.

Würth International AG
Aspermontstrasse 1, CH-7004 Chur
Kontakt: +41 81 558 00 00

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