QCC Top Ten 2019


On the occasion of the annual QCC Top Ten Conference, 14 quality managers from Europe and the USA met in Chur and Landquart from 4 to 6 November 2019. The conference focused on the mutual exchange to generate product and process improvements and secure or even increase the current quality level.

On Monday, the group visited Kisling in Wetzikon. Kisling is one of the Würth Group’s companies that manufactures sealants and adhesives. After an initial general presentation of Kisling, the visitors were shown the production facilities during a guided tour. In a discussion round, the group discussed the issue of raw material problems with the Klebfix instant adhesive at great length.

After a delicious dinner on Monday evening, the group continued in Chur on Tuesday, after a quick welcome by Dr. Siegfried Beichter, Head of the Würth Group’s Quality Assurance, who attended via conference call. The presentation of a product risk classification and the resulting requirements for the supplier qualification process and the product creation process was another important item on the agenda. Other topics included the presentation of the new cross-company product recall platform, complaints processes in WS1, which are currently being implemented, an overview of supplier audits and many more.

On Tuesday evening, the program was all about team building and enjoying a cozy evening together. At the Adventure Room in Chur, the group was split in two and locked into two separate rooms. The goal of the project was for the teams to find their way out of the escape rooms within one hour by solving all the riddles. To do this, the teams needed creativity, skill and, first of all, team spirit. After this exciting adventure, everyone enjoyed a fine four-course dinner and a glass of wine in the historic medieval cellar of Hotel 3 Könige.

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Spasov from the supplier Drebo gave a presentation on hammer drill bits. The presentation focused mainly on the different failure modes, highlighting the possible causes of breakouts in the carbide drilling tips and what indicators to look for to see whether a drill bit has reached the end of its service life.

After the drill bit training, there was a feedback round and the guests could suggest new topics for the next conference. The event was rounded off by a joint lunch before everyone departed on their way home.

Conclusion of the 2019 QCC Conference: It was a successful event and a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, spend time together and promote collaboration.

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